The Platform

The EUFREX platform ensures that the trading process in private networks among forwarders are driven transparently and efficiently. The trading process is structured in the following steps.

1. Offer

A forwarder uploads supply or demand of capacity in a ‘vehicle offer’ or ‘freight offer’ respectively.

2. Match

Our algorithm matches supply and demand based on capacity, detour, time-windows and vehicle type and presents the matching offers.

3. Notify

Our platform ensures that forwarders are notified about matches, price suggestions, payments, ratings etc.

4. Price

For each match, the platform suggests a price that is based on the additional mileage in the vehicle’s detour. This can be the starting point for a price negotiation.

5. Payment

The payment conditions are agreed upfront and paid through the platform.

6. Reputation

After each transport order, the two forwarding companies submit a rating and review of one another.

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